How to Enjoy Treea Teas

Loose Leaf and Tea Bag Teas

Enjoy our loose and bagged teas as you would any other tea, but without the worry about caffeine or tannin, which can stain your teeth. All of our tea bags are oxygen bleached and made in the USA.

For the tea bag or loose tea, steep in 8-12 ounces of hot water for 3-5 minutes.

Powdered Mulberry Teas

Prepare our powdered tea in a shaker to make a cool smoothy for a refreshing drink.  The large amount of protein in mulberry (5 times more than wheatgrass and 4.7 times more than kale) provides a boost for exercise and helps recovery.  Place 1 teaspoon in 10 ounces of ice water in a cup with a lid and shake well. To get the optimal health benefits, drink this tea within 15 minutes, before or after, your meal.

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