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A Visit to Hong Kong

Eric visited Hong Kong and Taiwan to attend an academic conference about tea.

He sent me a few pictures from a tea farm in rural Taiwan. These small farms specialize in making Oolong and black teas.

He also told me a story about one interesting tea called Imperial Concubine that was discovered by accident.

The earthquake in 1999 devastated some of the tea regions in Taiwan. The tea farmers fled for a month, and when they came back, they saw the tea leaves chewed by some insects. They picked the leaves and processed the imperfect leaves anyway. The tea turned out to be quite delicious. It had an additional sweetness.

Unfortunately this didn’t prevent most farmers from continuing to spray pesticides on their tea.

They apparently spray once or twice a month. That is a lot of pesticides, which doubtlessly have a negative impact on the ecosystem, water supply, and ocean.