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Hydration Part 2

Hydration Part 2

I went to one of the major health food grocery stores the other day just to see the “functional” water section. They have a whole aisle of water in sleek bottles in different shapes anzd sizes promoting alkaline water and electrolyte water.

It seems that new products appear every week. They are not cheap of course, but most of the bottles look special because of their beautiful design. I spent about $15 that day for a couple of nice looking bottles of water!

They all had one ingredient in common: Potassium Bicarbonate.

I looked online about what exactly this substance is. Potassium Bicarbonate is similar to baking soda except it is lower in sodium. The FDA states, “it is generally recognized as a safe additive”.

This odorless white crystal is found in a mineral called kalicinite, and is highly alkaline.

It seems to have many uses from regulating pH in winemaking, to club soda,

to use in fire extinguishers and fungicides for organic farming.


I won’t spend $3 for a bottle of water next time, but it is still good to know that the beverage industries realizes the importance of hydrating one's body without adding a sweetener or caffeine.