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Hydration Part 3

Hydration part 3

What is the key to feeling good?

Drink enough water!

If you are average height and weight, for your body to function well, you need at least 2 -3 liters of water every day, which is the equivalent of 8-12 glasses. Functioning well means you will not suffer headaches, joint pain, cramps, feel tired as soon as you wake up, and so on.

According to one survey, around 45% of people in the US drink only 4 or less glasses of water a day despite the fact that most of them know that they have to drink more. Why is drinking water so difficult? I think drinking water is boring. Also, most of us simply can’t keep track of how many glasses of water we drink daily.

I saw a product call Sippo online. It's a special sippy cup and app that connects with your smartphone, which keeps track of water intake and reminds people to drink water all day. I don’t know how successful that business is, but I think it is a great idea.

If a $70 Sippo cup is too expensive for you, you can try mulberry tea powder. It is made from 100% mulberry leaf, so it's caffeine free, loaded with minerals, protein, fiber, and has absolutely no chemical residues. It will make water drinking exciting, and nutritious.

If you like the taste of Matcha, you will love it.