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Hydration Part 4

Hydration Part 4

It's interesting to see that there are cultural differences even when it comes to water.

Usually Americans prefer regular water versus the bubbly water that is beloved by many Europeans. When I lived in Spain in my 20’s, this was one of the most confusing things especially when I went to restaurants. To this date I still do not know why many Europeans prefer to drink bubbly water. It must be historical, and have something to do with the fact that there are many natural springs in Europe, and tap water was unclean to drink in many regions.

Where I come from, Japanese hardly like to drink water. "Raw water is bad for you!" That was the advice I heard growing up in Japan. Even in this day and age where clean water is readily available from the kitchen tap. Many Japanese people still prefer to boil water and make tea.

I would be very curious to study water consumption in other countries like the Middle East and Latin America, and whether they drink water like Americans.