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Making Mulberry Leaf Powder Tea at Home

Making mulberry leaf powder tea at home is easy to do.

The first step is to remove the leaves from the branches. Then wash and dry the leaves.

Place a bunch of leaves on top of one of another and roll them into a cigar shape. Cut the leaves into half inch wide strips.

Place water in the base of a steaming pot and boil.

Steam the chopped leaves for 3 minutes.

Dry the steamed leaves in an oven at 300F degrees. Periodically remove the leaves and stir them to ensure they dry evenly. Depends on how much leaves are on the tray, but it usually takes about 10- 12 minutes to dry.

Roast the leaves in a wok or pan over medium heat for 10 minutes. Keep stirring so the leaves don't burn.

The roasted leaves can be consumed as tea or they can be placed in a food mill or grinder and ground to make a powder.

The powder is great as a supplement or it can be consumed by itself. Place a small amount in a shaker with ice and water. Shake and drink.